Am I empty? Am I wrong?

What could move a man to move along?

To be sincere Im not a writer

Im just trying to say something for my own behalf

To not have it deep within

To feel better with myself and not depressed or sad

Im not entwined with loneliness

Let alone strangely heartbroken

This that I feel takes me to believe that I can

That I would enjoy seeing a difference

Sometimes I feel like being alone will solve everything

Yet, It doesn’t

I could infer my will is asking for something greater

A distant gust of freedom or

Maybe the distance that proves freedom

What could I need?

To rest on a cloud…


You were my portrait

You are my end

To find drops of beauty

Will be my requiem

After the ages of listening to a song

Where are you? My distant singer

My drop of stars

Someday I’ll fly like the wind

Someday you’ll be that resting dream

I heard they know about us

You and me

If you don’t mind, sing

For us to feel what is to be free

Open sky bless again this ever dream

Of finding a friend, of finding rest in sleep

Darken me! holy is to much

Cry alone, until we meet

I’m alive thanks to this

To you my last torn page

My ever ending bliss

What’s family? If not this

Ever patient, ever mist

Would I be a Wolf or a beat or a kid?

A dumb dead man

Or one swinging (dancing) for a kiss

You! Won’t forget

The days we harshly met

The mist along a presence

With the taste of someones death

How did we manage to survive

You and me…

You being so high and me resting as low as I could be

Managing time to regenerate

The scars given from a convulsing fleet

Give me rank, give me sea

So this snap of fingers plays for keeps

Through good and bad

Through love or speed

Through tough or sad

Through stale or wind that’s free

I’m alive and I will be…