Davina Moss feat. Issa Elle – People From Before



This unwritten love,

Disecting the air above us both,

Write about me when your scared,

That tower of love and health…

Im here!! For only you, Alice,

Im depressed by these nocturnal sounds,

Probably voices of all around, yet,

I dont know,

What do you desire and feel?

Tell me now or stay unwritten,

You that kissed my heart and my hands,

U & me

We were always so close at times,

I yearned to smell your hair,

This you didnt know,

That day of the writing 101 y bled tears,

Why would she get in it as she did,

Or why would we be wed to them,

While wanting privacy…

I think of you too much,

It breaks me apart,

What would’ve happen?

If that day I kissed you,

The one I wanted to kiss,

That girl that shared a poem.


Ever since a kid,

A pair of shoes is all I kept,

Visible to the eyes,

Close to those.. who enjoy…

The glitter, the look,

The colors and how they show,

Out of three I had no one ever knew,

How and when I wore these shoes,

Clumsy at times then ketp it natural,

Now day I only have one,

One pair of shoes


Vivo hoy a medias. Todo se esfumo encontre mi separacion de esta ignorancia tan cercana. Ya cumpli con conocer exactamente que es el problema y/o las causas. Nesecito encontrarme contigo en algun momento. Fuera de todo he podido percivir el porque no tener miedo, ante esto.

Soy agradecido, ahora solo constan las horas a este momento nuestro ser. El tiempo no fue en vano.

Te espero y sin ningun tipo de ajoro u problema, por favor contactame.


Michael E. Candelas Jorge