I write you this letter, in regards to our garden.  Our pipelines where poisoned to the point of no return.  But,  stick to me and believe in you.  PR is a beautiful place, filled with riches, yet, poisoned from the bone.  Sad and tangent to my hands, I walked the garden crying alone.  Alone, but inmersed me two feet in earth and not stone.  

Why thw pope asks to god himself.  In respect he revised our lines of health to help our church.  Thank you rome, thank you for the, and the D. Divirtente he flees, but, only you and me are entertained by the TV.

Be free boys.  That your number is above 3.  Trinity…


And I lead them to you, directly there

Blasphemy I saw In spite of the smell

The smell of lust

Quakes of a broken friendship

A fight turned to dust

More the breaking of gusts

I almost concurred on the same habit of rusted love

She said thats why you hate him

And he acknowledged with a nod

I saw

I felt

I heard your screams while you melted

Your friends pelt

He said thats why you hate him

And he neglected with a no

So we found you buried deep

Under the jeep

Trying to relax while your friend

Down there now sleeps

Distant friend in the mist

Now your free

A ti

Para ti..

Un verso en comprension

Aprendi, que no todo es lo que uno cree

Mas, debe uno darse espacio para adquirir una contestacion

No falle en amar

No falle en tus cabellos cuidar

La bruma me confundio y nos robo el lugar

El escondite de otros escapar

Si lees esto, no olvides que fueron ellos y no yo

Si te acuerdas de la pared que puse

Se cayo…

Se feliz…

Ya el mal vi

y como el zorro lo marque y me fui

A ti..