What is happiness?

What is happiness really?  An emotion or even a good vibe.  A place of your own, a life you can choose what to do.  A person who kisses you at night or a lover.  It takes me to think in all the possibilities from the decisions we can make.

I feel sometimes being happy could be hard too.  It could leave in a second you know.  What makes me happy? This is the hard part in life, losing something you felt as happiness or a natural place you could go back to.  Family even, when they teach you stuff you feel like you don’t need.

Cars, excitement or big parties. Don’t take me to feel this inner  warm and fuzzy place.  Feeling alone mostly feeds our emotions in a deep way.  Yet, I have not known what is to really be wanted.  Why would I expect this though?  Ensuring this chain of events could only get me attention I don’t want.

There  is a place in this world for all of us.  A place we can call our own.  Magic from the sky, rain falling down our cheeks, glimmers of a distant sun taking our eyes to be bright and full with light.  What is real happiness?

Could be just a perspective…



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