Real love

Love is something we can experience in the road we choose.  It is not hidden, this feeling could be so little, you can barely notice it while being so occupied.  I remember times with friends and I can’t remember love that much.  Yet, it was always there ticking like a clock.

Expecting from somebody is a downer.  Families expect too much from their siblings.  Trying to better them or even guide them.  Pushing their denominator onto their kin.  Instead, of listening to what makes them happy and guiding them through that.  What is a person if not what he does for himself? What is a stand alone being, if he can’t choose.

This takes me to explore myself and see who wronged me along the way.  Everybody thinking they know whats good or bad.  But, they don’t listen to our individual perspective to entice this help or push.  I really feel like people need to let go and find themselves between the troubles of walking their pursuit of happiness.

I wonder… If I follow what people say it’s good…

Will I reach my happiness? or just find theirs..



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