This space in a planet…  This cycle in the timeline.  Is it real?  I feel we need more light in our heads.  Less drama infused to our energetic hearts.  We are people looking and searching for something that feels right in us.  I’ve heard stories of so much people walking their life, their way and it is all so relative.

My mind has become a place to give order to this relativity.  Establish sides if needed, communicate words if are appropriate.  Through this process I find that if I don’t give, it doesn’t come back.  You can have a full stocked warehouse but you have an empty heart.  It’s like a material, spiritual dynamic to it.  You give and receive whatever you chose.

Today we live in a take environment.  Leaving people aside for petty cars or even jewels, that don’t carry the same essence as in the natural state we find them and feel them.  Would you like to receive?  Would you  like to give?  Would you roll with both?

This is life right now.  Taking without giving, living while dying, exhausting oneself to achieve a standing between takers or even people who forgot what’s true or even real in that sense.  I mean, for me I’ll always go long.  But, we learn from others to go long.  We are an eternal cycle of sharing and self vs self.

Imagine you alone in the world.  How smart could you be?  How much could you light up when your happy?  If there is no unity in this planet, we will reach our deaths sooner.  Meeting the maker before even enjoying being here.  Before seeing the magic in breaking down the bread.  I’m no religious person but i enjoy wisdom and vision towards our better state.   Everything is connected and we can’t forget.

I remember times when I chose to give and felt that little atom of happiness.  Something I never feel if I don’t connect with others or share.  Theirs a lot of ways, a lot of vibes, a lot of sides to a figure.  But, this is life right..  Experiencing something that doesn’t hurt others.  Enjoying what little we have, so we can know what is a lot.  Building  fires instead of turning them down to rubble.

There is no country other than the world..  We are only choosing to be guided by some..



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