I’ve read a few articles relating what is and what isn’t.  Nothing really adds up when you get down and break it all.  Balance is key in life.  Balance treats your mind and soul like a solution to a problem.  When I say balance, for me is more like understanding a little bit more the why I do things.  What drives me…

This balance after all is made by us.  The action and the thought.  The verb and the mind.  When I think of this, it all ends up in knowing what to weave or what to solve.  Weaving is more like wielding a sword.  Wielding a car or controlling what there is to control.   Me myself don’t weave if not needed.  Everything is free, why start controlling or manipulating if I want to be free.

The other part of men or women is Solving.  Creating a solution for a problem or a necessity.  Ingenious at the least humans can be.  Wandering what they need or even what they could do for themselves or others.  Solving is part of us and is these little tinkers, that help us see.  Am I controlling more than I think?  Am I being a instinct based person or a philosopher?

These if you see them, you’ll end up looking for your medium or balance.

Instinct VS Imagination    Hand VS  Mind

Weaving hurts me sometimes.  This action of control takes place, not only when your happy but when your sad too or even mad.  Meaning we control or weave at any point given.  When we feel alone, sad, happy or even mad.  This is part of life.  Yet, some do it to push you or even budge your inner balance to their own circle of interest.

This is what happens now days.  People don’t see how others weave them into something.  Based on this, we actually start looking for a solution.  Yet, we don’t find it until we really acknowledge that we are being pushed or controlled by  others at some point.  This is why solving for mankind is so important.

Solving is like breathing.  You have to know how to handle your own situations.  In order to not be dependent to anybody or anything.  Not taking away the fact the we need of others.  But, why depend on people that don’t know your feelings or even the map in your head.

Try it out..  Take a moment and see whats in your head.  What frustrates you?  What gives you admiration or pushes you in a certain direction?  It’s not about the materials or relationships.   It’s about you and your personal experience in this world.  Your clarity expressed to others.

There’s a lot to see..  But, imagine for a second what it would be like, if you don’t open your eyes and look forward from your own point of view.  As like everything you can hurt others while pursuing your own happiness.  Beware this, it won’t be the same for you at the end or at the beginning.




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