A relationship

In my life I’ve had a few of these.  From good to bad, from easy going to rough.  It pains me to experience hardship in relationships.  Flowing with the river of feelings and understanding, that I should treasure what the universe puts before me.  Sometimes it could take the best of you or even blind you, to the point you think it’s good.  Yet, is it really?

I’m getting out of a hardship myself.  I met this girl at a park and from nowhere we started talking and making memories.  This girl was everything to me.  Yet, she dropped out just because she felt like it.  She looked for excuses and mingled through her interests to find herself in me.  I was only a tool of progress for her.

She was younger maybe that could’ve been the motive.  Living life to the fullest and making mistakes even in fun.  That’s part of life in a way.  I’m an old soul, mature to the point I know what I want and try to achieve it in the best way possible.  I’m no crook or trophy collector.  I could consider myself a bounty hunter of opportunity.

Relationships huh?  Now I know not to expect anything from a women.  Now I know I’m not alone in the storm, that I can ride these blues down any road.  I’m not alone!  It’s some what hard to let go of something you loved.  The time you spend thinking not only of yourself.  Sharing almost everything, even my bed.

People sometimes forget it’s not about the drama of who is taller or better at something.  yet, in relationships there could be competition and even a sinking feeling.  Based on achievements of course.  Who did what or who has more money in their bank accounts.  That bites, that’s like saying I’m no good just because I’m worthwhile.  Who says this?  Who competes with the person they say they love?

There is no way of saying what to do in relationships. There is no map to it..  Just don’t forget you have to keep an eye on things.  You have to survive the wave and always expect a new sprout of grass from the concrete.  Relationships will always be a must.  Yet, select with whom you share what makes you-you.  That fire is more important than any person alive, than any opportunity or given.

Fly high kimosabe believe in miracles…  They are around us..



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