Lets grow together

Through this aching mist of life.  Experience the hazards and separate from the masses to not share our own blight.  I will not sink you if I feel at a disadvantage.  I’ll be at my quarters breaking my head, in order to share only the love for whats’s happening.  I’m an Emperor of the stars, searching, wandering what’s become of this road house.  Listen to the words of the sky, so you won’t follow any other heart.

Lets grow together and achieve wonders and miracles.  So our children can write about the mysteries of a few heroes.  Now I call the blessings from above without overwhelming the spirit of sky, so he can have mercy upon all.  There is no hurt if not in love.  There is no creed if not sanctified by brothers , sisters between the mists of an aching fall.  Let us grow together between madness and regret.  Between pummeling strikes to the head.  Against all weather with respect.  I’ll be with you when the button turns red.

I’m an Emperor I said and some will remember, the raging thunder of the nether.  Voices calling me to surrender.  If undone the enemies that don’t think as one.  Will we be free from ourselves?  These actions that are inner consider self.  Live long and prosper will making treaties to find gospel.  I’ll drop my sword when the misplace children have light.  When the aches of racial aspects, receive the deserved sight.

I’ll be one…  I’ll prepare…  I’ll die for only love… Not despair.


Lets grow together…



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