This past week makes me laugh.  NY is beast of a city, it has all these wonders to it.  Unexpected outcomes, non stop flow of energy and people so focused you can feel the progress.  I was recently back in PR settling some stuff, one would say I was vacating.  After all, I bought a plane ticket and came back early to NY.

With nowhere to sleep I searched and wondered the city , looking for opportunities form the ground up.  NY is very aware of it’s social and economic system.  So aware, that If you literally have nothing.  You can find help in the health or social departments it hosts.  This is all public assistance funded by tax payers and common international funds.

After all, this day I spent a night in a Shelter I’m not gonna name.   This place was so spooky I literally felt ghosts in my pants.  This place was rotten by definition. NY must realize how important a shelter is.  How clean these people need  this type of place to be.  Literally I walked barefooted and someone commented.  Hey kid!  You wanna develop some sort of disease?

In a beautiful city like NY, you might want it to have this vibe from top to bottom, but, really it isn’t.  I’m grateful though when I went to a relatives to pick up some belongings.  She gave me the chance of a temporary lodge in a room.  I kissed the sky one more time in thanks.

Life is hard sometimes in this rollercoaster of a ride.  But, if you have the guts and faith, you will see light between all that darkness.  Something that really keeps me going is my experiences.  They’ve showed me by effects, everything has purpose if you remain focused and chin up against the tide.

So, it’s not a matter of when.  Is more like, how you enjoy or even overcome the wave of yourself and the route to your dream.



ps.  Just do it dude.  Do it all.





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