First improv.

Yesterday Friday, March 24 I can say was my debut on a stage.  For the first time I stood up and just said what I felt.  There was no previous writing, no idea on what to say.  They called me a virgin in funky kinda way.

This was in the Nuyorican Poets Cafe down in Lower Manhattan.  A place where different people come together and bomb stage/crowd with an unexpected torrent.  The crew was chill and the environment was really easy going, felt like real family.

Well after the competition they were hosting.  The Open Mic part was about to start.  I had nerves, but after all I just wanted to do it.  To break that ice and feel proud of myself.  They were all really gentle and with a fighting spirit.  So it was easier than just doing it somewhere else.

If your ever in NYC you should pass by and feel the welcoming of this crew or hosts.  It was a privilege and most of all a place to unleash what ever was ticking me.  I was feeling lonely this day. But, after this experience I felt more accomplished and special.






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