In a matter of expression

People tend to think they have it all.  Cars, houses, tons of women or men.  But, do you really feel this or just think it.  It’s easy when you fake it out and push your sense of godliness onto others.  Making them slaves to your supposed riches.

I don’t give a shit if your pretty, wealthy or even strong.  I look at your heart and determine if you are really rich.  I dispise this attitude so much.  You people really think you will not be alone in your death hole, with your pretty RiP sign.  Isn’t this true?  That you will leave it all here.

So,  If anything you are an expendable, transforming, enjoying, degrading, non stopping eating machine.  Again,  are you god?  Do you believe you’re the almighty because of wealth or even having a job with pretty colored cars.  I suspect you need to awaken, to be at deaths door.  In order to really apprec at what you take or lose, acquire or give.

Let me say something before I stop.  If God Is death and Life.  Who the hell are you? If the universe is a mistery unfolding in each step and breath.  Who the fuck are you?  God?  Angels?  These neanderthals think to themselves they created  all.  That they have all this knowledge because they chose to have or they found it.  Little midgets!  Life is an awakening state of  your soul and you will only experiment what you give.  So suck it up, enjoy living and then die.  Meet your maker or you can stop living and die till you  meet your death.  Capice



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