Here and now

Guess the heart today is expendable.  Not real between so much wanting and materials we thrive and feel as a bigger need.  I’m told the spirit is wise wherever is free.  Whenever you can’t find something to lean on and enjoy like if it were the last.

I haven’t had much luck in my life.  Poor to the bone, but rich in heart and humility.  There’s no place for me between systems full of regret and the pushing of my own back towards a complex need.

Recently I found out There is nobody next to me.  Nobody cares for what I feel.  Right now I’m being kicked out of a distant relatives house like a trash bag once a week.  Sometimes is just hard to bear it all by ones self.

I wish something good happen for once.  Me seeing myself smile for something real, will be like Christmas in any day of the year.  It’s complicated to be trustworthy between so much interested fellow.

Girlsfriends breaking heart odometers just to live in luxury and not love.  Meanwhile,  progress stands still if you don’t succumb.  Sometimes I even think who reads this.  Who actually enjoys what I write?  Aside the rivals that have me at crossed sights.  There aren’t no friends, only brothers and sisters.  No special someone’s just people who value your cracks and inner.

What should I say to live for once?  To not be blinded by only satisfaction between grunts.  People hold me just to let me go and laugh.  I’m tired of so much hatred and not having a rock or  a real friend.





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