In my search for freedom I encountered that sometimes or most of the time, I think of freedom but not mine.  Are we really free in this half of a personal space?  Am I alone in this search?

Feels sometimes like there’s nobody next to me.  Yet, I find or come across individuals that strive for the same or even the opposite.  If we were so individual why do we all act alike.  Being original is like home to me.   Being myself is a burden to others, even though I see they are asleep in the mist of their own ignorance.  I can’t explain why there accepting part of this.  There no equity in this present.  Our parents or friends only promote our own self sufficiency.  Yet, what is one drop in the sea.  

It seems we have listened to much of external voices and less of our own.  In my present the only thing that matters is to be part of a community that has a free hand towards the stars.  People in their own search often find without destroying friendship and their own links.  Magic is a majestic feeling you know.  Little stars roaming around my eyes whenever I feel love, whenever I choose something that has no negative effect on others.  It’s karma I guess.

 If I were so powerful I would fill my home with good memories.  Something I’ll never lose.




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