What is love?

Love is found or is it pure coincidence?  Will it find you or will you find it in somebody?  I believe in fate and it’s different versions.  We are living choices and mainly we receive what we give.  Love can come in many ways.  But, is how you look and see these different versions of love, that you are able to observe the purpose and it’s meaning in you.

I love my brothers/friends in a way, this love is mostly fraternal and keeps it in general, a float.  I’ve felt that in general terms love is one feeling between them all.  Yet, it merges with other types of relationships and stimulates a side to it.  We as spiritual beings, must participate of these sides in order to experience the extent of what it is.

In this process we can confuse these types of love and underline it to a side that it doesn’t belong to.  Example I love my brothers/friends in conclusion this experience could be only one type it.  Broness…

Talking too much of love is exhausting.  People even resist to it by it’s mystery.  It’s something not to be taken lightly and in the meanwhile treasured to feel it’s real power.  We have all the time of the world to take it step by step and experience it’s different manifestations.  Although don’t forget time flies by and you could lose more than just a feeling.

I believe it’s fate you know.  Letting us know we have infinite possibilities just by being here.  I mean we are all connected to the same place.  This fountain or universe which is to extent to understand.  Fate connects us to our own interests with this inner grid.  That’s why if you are really up for it, experience it and be you the judge to it’s effects.





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