This age in time makes me think of poor progress. Left aside animals, trees, real family there’s not much to find. Real essence or self personality comes from no dependency. It is born with us and we live among it.

I decided to have no regrets. To live inspite of bad or good. If you see yourself outside of this corporate, non natural time or even this commercial loop. You’ll find something out there for you. You hold a piece for this enourmous puzzle.

What’s real right? Feels like the matrix. But, it’s how we approach our daily living or where you put effort. I feel sick sometimes overall by this robotic template of progression. Something can be done, this could be. But, we have no organization or even direction.

Someone asked me once… Why do you want to hurt people? I can see it in your eyes that you want to fight everybody. I replied, this just doesn’t feel right. Everybody is so deeply in their own intentions that have no or little respect for others. He replied back, I’ve tried to kill myself 4 times now and I couldn’t. I’m still here.

This man changed my perspective from one to another.  I realized our own perception of life is deeper in us than in the outside. Yet, we choose to close doors and not open to what could help from life. I mean the grass is never better at the other side. If it were as easy as judging a lifestyle, you will not see the details around it. A car, a house doesn’t mean happiness, if it were like this we would all be happy. Which is not true.

I love this planet filled with colors and different teachers with spirit. I’ve lost everything, but, gained so much in the process. Sometimes I see or look around whatever is happening and is a miracle. A place not to take lightly.

If you look closely everything has a place or flow in time and space. It’s too much too comprehend, but, I feel if we take it without fanatism or overall superiority. We can really learn and develop this place and it’s treasures.

Ages in time don’t change. People choose to accept knowledge or make sacrifices that stimulate certain areas of growth. But, do you really think something has changed over time? If so, what has?



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