In Con Artist… An experience not to forget.  Saturday the 29th of April, I went to 119 Ludlow St. in Lower Manhattan, where I found art in expression.  Eddie Botha artist from Melbourne, Australia was opening that day.



Instagram:  Eddie Botha


This art gallery was really creative.  He made his paintings come to life with circuitry and interactions.  Almost all had a sound that made the painting come to life, making it better to be appreciated.  It was a good night, he celebrated his birthday among new talent and people.18221615_1861047920820560_5869461215847066724_n

After a few beers and a shot of whisky it closed it doors.  At 11pm we all went our separate ways.  It was a night to remember and just let it all go.  If you want to see more of his work, he will be in 119 Ludlow St. Wednesday the 3 of May.  Be there around 7pm.





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