Stand up

Where’s the people that feel fire?  Are we stale or just blown off.  Theirs too much water in the streets, if you feel me.  Years ago we just lived and made a boom anywhere, without giving a shit.  Now it’s all using asses, disrespecting classes, irony full of gluttony and most of all just bullshit.  Where is your heart right now?  Say fuck it!  Enjoy life, let go of what hurts you and make a step for real quakes, not shiny methods.

Let’s do it all…  Put energy onto something that makes memories.  That builds green pastures and rivers to a spirit.  I want peace you know and in between everything something to smoke, there’s no way but your own.  Just remember, don’t hurt anybody in the process, be respectful and enjoy your time, which is none.  Yet, it could all go away in a snap of fingers.

After a fucked up relationship and some advice, I realized people love to use people.  They live for it masking them as materials, being too accustomed to this metal, pipe bullshit society, that forgets our flesh is degrading to the point we choose.  Listen to elders it’s the best way to see the past in the present.

I mean every moment, I live every breath and now I put back my heart in it’s place to keep it real.  Too not be used or play this game out of ignorance.  I’m not gonna fix what’s broken, I’m gonna help me and those who are fuel to my fire, be at a better place.

Life is “one” meaning you can lose it all at the same time.  Believe,  there’s nothing better than just following your heart.





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