Strike at Union Square, NY

On May 1, 2017 the strike went down at Union Square, Manhattan.  This strike went against decaying plans of overriding public and common perspectives.  They stood up against Trump and his ways.  The President of the United States has shown many flaws towards the public and there safety.  The factions were clear against the immigrants, globalized decay and the Puertorican debt.  Overall the system that’s been pushed since the election.


This was one of the many messages that were shown publicly at the Square.  In the process, I got together with my people and made a common march towards our public statement of settling a debt and it’s general effects.  I recorded  two videos that I will submit through Youtube, Twitter and Facebook after this post.

The strike was ambushed by some pro-trumpists that started their own push with flags and discrimination towards the people.  These were pushed out by several factions, were they found a conclusion to the little gimmick.  I believe there were just out to create a bad experience or just a flaw.  Yet, the people were so united the common message blurred them out.


This is one of the messages we the Puertoricans were emitting.  This black flag represents our feeling towards the give and take of the government and the US’s separation to the real needs of our common wealth.  There’s been many strikes in my country, expressing similar concerns against:

  • Private Government debt
  • Resource exploiting
  • Used public funds
  • Destruction of public rights

It goes on and on, like if we were speaking with deaf people.  There is no real problem behind whats happening.  They just don’t want to listen and can’t forget or let go of the past.  Right now more money goes out from this country than into it’s branches.  The question is. How can we have an uncontrolled private debt, if for more than 30 years we have given more money than we’ve received?  There’s no real concern in P.R.’s government and that’s the sort of attitude that will hurt even their kids in the future.


This picture speaks for itself.  How we even in another country stand up for our own.  Free our public system out of debt is all the youth is asking for.  We the youth, the future of this world need the resources and the light to create a better place.  To enhance or better this One World we live in.  We must take care of this piece of green, it doesn’t matter where you from.  So I won’t buy the smoke or the mirror.  I’ll keep it real between all parties.

Just to keep it in the open, there’s is no real enemy among us.  We all come from different places and generations that mold us.  We can’t expect anybody to understand or backgrounds.  Yet, do you feel like all this is necessary?  Being warm dust withering everyday in the wind…



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