How to start writing about this daily living. So much division over fear or the ignorance of not knowing what’s ahead. I’ve visited two states of the U.S. in which I found myself struggling in a social and class division, that comes out of a sense of protection and little unity. I can’t judge people I’ve come across.  I can’t say they are bad by having the inherited custom of self preservation or the growing ego of loneliness . I can say till now there’s no love to give, there ‘s no love to receive.

Meeting people through this adventure has been special. Yet, people overall have a drive that’s is superficial.  based on their need or hunger.  There is a common denominator in this pattern,  out of loneliness or even just the habit of finding distractions in the common chatter.

  • Laughing without feeling
  • Faking love
  • Disrespecting others space
  • Looking at the world and not seeing

There’s always something new to see in every corner. America needs better relationships and connections between each and every one. There’s stimulus in all of our actions, which make effects on our enviroment. We can mix and develop something greater, if there’s will to do it. In this life or space we live in, there’s always  going to be reactions or retaliation from people, if we approach them the wrong way.

I remember when I had attitude or even a sense of ignorance towards what holds real value. Of course, value is subjected to perspective, yet respect is the base of admiring or even taking into consideration the colors of existence. I come from a place effects run by there own master and this has teached me another side to what society express now days.  I mean, where are the poets, writers, philosophers that still feel intrigued by our anscestors and there beautiful work. All of these valuables are ours and come from nature. Do not let anybody take away this chain of love from you.

After all, we are not robots and have senses. To the point we  have a little light calling to us, from our hearts so we get intouch with it. This little candle is you, is your road to this beautiful skin.

Going back to the 60’s or even 80’s. There was more positive influence, because we didn’t have so many challenges to be accepted or even have a conversation. Now you almost need to pay to have a chat.  Now you aren’t accept period or good enough. If the people would acknowledge their hard work, the daily sweat and most of all their own space. They would actually fight for the same right in the streets, at the beaches, concerts or arcades.

I ask you… What do you think is needed to improve your experience here? In your space..

Division can really hurt us.  It brings forth a inner quest of whose to judge or even whose wrong.  I’m sick of remedies and bandages.  Having to staple my feelings with grime or half assed truths just beacuse of pushers or ignorant people. Based on this, we need to heal not only fucking, using people or even growing in power, but in separation and in a personal reflection of our own space.

I’m gonna act and work with the same sweat towards, a sweeter and more tender touch…



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