What is empathy?  Space given to another, understanding or even love without condescension.  We all have incidents and situations in us.  There is no need to hide it or fake it.  What you could express in sincerity, others hide and use as benefit in this system.  If you have stress, need counseling, have done stuff your not proud off or took as experience.  People will make a fucking drama out of it.

There is no need to hide it, there is no need to conceal what makes you feel bad.  Me I need therapy.  Coming from Puerto Rico, sometimes I have this red psyche that I need to level somehow.  The thing is I learned we only heal when we accept there is more to life than just us, when we accept what there’s to fix.  Opening our hearts with spiritual guides or even cool people along the way, is a common need.  It just happens.

We can’t fully heal by our own will, this will give you a sense of ego in between your emotions.  Are you alone in this world?  No.  You live among 7 billion other people, which share the need of an ear, a shoulder, a rock to lean on, a friend.  So, we need to step it up and not judge.  Letting go of this behemoth is the only thing that can save this race from blowing shit up.  From forgetting, that we all are exposed to the same environment and we can have the need to express ourselves or the need for therapy.  Does that make sense?

In conclusion there are no real problems if we are one and search for our inner peace.  There will be only solutions, strength, promise and most of all scars to laid to rest.






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