What makes be you?  Is there something specific about you that holds your spirit.  Family, friends, experiences or just a memory.  Say it…  Is there something that frees your mind from yourself… or even added weight. There so much to say about who we are, yet we forget the little details that made us who we are.  Is your past , is your future and mostly what you do in your present what makes you…you.

I feel inspired in remembering what gave me the scars I bear.  The spaces that are filled when I try to forget.  Is there anything I’m forgetting?  Sometimes I ask myself what am I leaving behind that makes a hole in myself.  As hard as it is living.. these scars is what makes you have the strength to keep going and expect what you need.    I have faith in all,  I expect nothing because people have the same confusions and this inner search of who is who.  Who is going to help me if the have there own needs to cover or even there own self to find.

Just like life is hard, death too.  If you have nothing to remember when you leave, you leave as a blank page, forgetting what made you feel and grow.  I’m not gonna say it’s easy, but letting your own story fade just beacause you think the wave is stronger than you. I think thats not really you thinking.

Remember always even though is hard.  Work your way through your own thoughts and mysteries and you will find more than just a car, more than just a blown dream. You will find your own peace and self.  Say fuck the world for once in your life.  Stand up for your own feelings and feel.  If you think this by forgetting will change.  It won’t.. death will always help you remember what you left behind..





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