Here I lie forgotten, deep in the abyss of memories

Sorrow fills my corners, my senses

After a while he lets me know he loves me

Like a fallen star I still light for loving

I have no words to express the hard experiences

The downs, the ups or the epiphanies

All I know is holding up high levels of faith

Showed me glimmers of empty

This I don’t expect to be remembered

Yet, If someone is there…

Tell a story of Life and Death without remorse

Cross the bridges, for the smiles of the innocent

There are no beggars around

When all is one

When all is dust in the wind

Ashes that fake only their escape, to unstable emotions

Thats why I’m forgotten

Left to be and to die

Some day I’ll meet 1000 friends, sleeping comfortable as one that night

Some day I won’t be forgotten, Like Hero’s or Legends

That for our well being gave what made them feel alive

It’s easy when you have that which you seek

What was his name?

I only remember the way his hair flowed with the breeze

How he smiled at a glance

How he said nothing , When someone was pouring lights into his hands

I just remember he never said too much

I just remembered he cried with me that night

So quick to ignite a fire and not run

I guess his 1000 friends will hold him close to their heart

I guess it was never of him to be part of that lonely cross








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