It’s time

People, in this time of global need, good business and relations will bring out the real muscle behind us humans.  After walking down this path, in solitude and alleyways.  Places still glow for help and ingenious.  We’ve had several points of the  world forgotten, stamped to settle between papers or archives.
Life is free and abundant.  We don’t have the necessity of loneliness.  We together can rest and work seamlessly towards a better future.  A future that dissipates when we don’t gradually manifest the waterfall of living.  There are a few posts officies that are open.

If you can room up with your loved ones, please do.  Your stronger together through this puzzle.  As we all know metal systems don’t degrade or rust by the water of the hurricane. Emergency precautions as a measure must be written and signed in the capital of each destroyed city.  If those precautions are not met, the work of the people before us lacked purpose and respect.  The goverment doesn’t move with out you.  Give them what they need to better the work they do.  Create something in this time of need.  Ingenious is not of lack when you have the necessity. 

Para mi PR

  • Vamos a sembrar semillas donde se pueda.  Hay vegetales y frutas que se dan rapido.
  • Rescatar lo que se pueda para crear y construir lo necesario.
  • Mezclar oficios y habilidades.

No se hagan mas daño entre ustedes, a este punto de la historia todos vamos a salir jodios por el mismo rival.

Compartire lo que pueda



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