My name is Michael E. Candelas Jorge.  I’m  from Carolina, Puerto Rico an island in the Caribbean Sea.   I started Seídeán (pronounced Shi-dahn) a derivative of the Irish-Gaelic “Blast of wind”,  in 2016.  It was in Seattle, W.A. where good relations drove me to share what I had written down.  I chose this name because of it’s meaning.  Not for myself, but to make a movement with purpose and flow.  We all have moments were we get stuck or even feel down.  There were times I used to look out my  window expecting something to happen.  In some  of these moments a breeze caressed my face and I wondered.  Seídeán a gust of wind, is movement with the purpose of freeing the soul and mind, a gust of fresh air showing you the way or even a friend in solitude.

Around the age of 23, I started writing down my feelings and rhymes.  In these times I was relating to Christian religion and mostly all I wrote was Jesus rap.  When it got to me I had many papers written down, mostly all drafts of what I felt and thoughts mixed up.  That’s the start of it all, a scribble.  Around the same year I started using digital audio workstations (FL Studio-Ableton) to make beats and have fun with a neighbor.  It was me and Mapache, which means Raccoon in Spanish.  We started mixing and arranging together and still share ideas today.

Just like anything starting is all you need, some effort and eventually you’ll see progress.  The cool thing about it all is the adventure.  Where will your ideas or even dreams take you?  Believe me, if you flow with the breeze it will take you to places you never thought of going.  If you like my poetry,  follow me through the social links or subscribe in the little button.  I’ll be uploading the previews and songs through the social networks.


Seídeán a gust of wind…