Whats is our real strength?

Between troubles and reactions..

Conversations and interactions…

Maybe, even the disturbing idea of rounding to someones intentions..

Justifying truth, while to a voice not reacting

This is strength today…

Holding the tongue, avoiding reactions to certain conversations

Limiting the void of sparks and flowing with the peace, holding our own makes..

We make peace happen, we find it..

This is strength today, making peace..

Through out our conversations and interactions..

The justification of our personal voice..

Im here, but, I don’t need to overwhelm you in the meanwhile..

And in the meanwhile, you space out..

Fleeing from a blessing or solution..

From this strength and conciousness..

From a better understanding of the in and out of ones-self..

Where are you? If not here..

Bless yourself to a non reacting conversation and see peace happen, with your own eyes..

Being in selflessness through it, being there..

What is real strenght? If not holding the tongue…


Por ohms

La ultima poesia de este hombre

Desde hoy me dedico a sonidos y musica

Me gustaria que rimara esta prosa o poesia

Pero no olvidare un sonido tan hermoso

Como la naturaleza

Adios Luri, que hoy se abre el futuro


NoTo three

To you holding grudges 

To you who listnes and hears

Keep the boat dear

While the lubelom separates from its fear


 A dragon and his basil

Won’t reach the beach in tears

Crying for more strings of damnation 

To their ears

If tresaure is found under and over

Why fix a sword or a sharp tounge

To sling or do make overs

No more sweet hissing

No tresaures from the clarity missing

You both will walk this line 

Up and about

Crossed and even stuck to doubts

With me

Free me

Now that your smarter

You would’ve enjoyed it at least

Like a candle dripping from the fire

Sweat and tears you dripped

 Higher than a purpose

False but not to the memories

I’ll remember the 5th of november till it bleeds

There are friends in war at least

Like a musketeer all for one

One for all like a beast

This is what i’ll remember of that past dearest sleep

I’m awake to the fire within

Aiming to the culprit of this disease

You’ll bleed…  Not him

For this victim will rest

While we rest on a future without deceit..

Now rest in peace…


I lost meaning through & through

I lost it all…

Fighting so much for a dream

Struggling to achieve lifes biggest deceit

As a toddler born into a cage with a beast

What meaning holds to race? When your walking around street machines

If I need to keep alive

I must be a peasant or a king

Accepting the heat of each destiny

The remorse of deciding, choosing

While something lies dormant at my feet

Who am I? If to help, love, have fun

I need whatever these children find, to be or not to be

I die in my dreams

I lick the blood of ignorant beings

“I lost meaning” he said..

Alone I’ll drift away..

Seperate, to never be found, to never be loved

What is to have meaning?

To entertain?

To have control over the rain?

To kill a mans church or holy space?

To give or to take?

Tell me what is to have meaning…

Till then..


I’ve been signing a lonely song

A tempest has grown strong

Unveiling my awareness

Meanwhile I dream of you, senseless

Made stone from glimmers of the truth

How beautiful can it be?

Outside these places forged in my mind

Like a blacksmith i’ll bend it for me, like time

I found a coat in the mist of snow

Whispering ‘to places you’ll go

Outside of labels, outside of torture

Love will grow

Spirit drops in the form of wind

Like water blessing a heart alone

Trust me, if death sees you to the bone

Light, fire and might

I’ll use to pierce and mold heaven tonight

3 meters above my feet i’ll carve

Under the stars, under the beams of sound

A sea of a better past or tomorrow

Drown with me! Until the feathers cry tears

Let this ship be guided by a moon shedding leer

Let it be forever night if the sun is to be feared

Rival, there’s pages to survival

Equity to sound baby pacifiers

There’s no need for mixed intentions

Amongst simple cables, simple routers

Tonight i”ll let a flag turn black and ship me far

Good night, sleep sound


You were to young to understand.. How deep a song is in a man.. How I’m so different from them all.. Even though we are all particles of sand.. Conquered my senses through enchantments you did.  I was not a present, only an iceberg and it’s tip.  I will not be sorry for my leave. Let alone die in my heart for what you believe.  I’m a soul, i’m the pleasure, i’m the mist between the trees.

To say truth, I miss you too.  The colors that lit up down this iceberg, were meant for you..


Follow me through the abyss

I will not let them steal your light

Thus, light is even in darkness as one

Come, theres silence through the cracks

We will see how flowers grow

Even though there’s only sand


I will not let them steal your light

I’m your friend till tomorrow

Let this day be eternal in no time…

No sorrow, no hours

Dancing with wolves around a bumfire

Sleeping a goodnight

Around tree bark and little lights, that fly naturally with sparkle

I’m your friend till tomorrow

A day that only comes from light

A night that for some means heaven

This moment has already begun!


Let this piece of life meet death with love and if needed might

Thanks for the glimmer that gave me the courage

To leave, to fly

I’m a man, thanks to my mother

Now hold my hand

 From this abyss we shall levitate until the stars meet our hands

Until your smile conquers my sad…

I’m abandoned by some

Betrayed for paper, betrayed for blurred rock

I lived as a beggar

A man that only felt the need to love

Mother!..  Thanks

Now come

I will not let them steal your light

Through the abyss

Through hell

Even in heaven i’ll hold on

To not forget..

The bad in the good


The good in the bad

Thank you mother for the crystals  which shinned that night…


Here I lie forgotten, deep in the abyss of memories

Sorrow fills my corners, my senses

After a while he lets me know he loves me

Like a fallen star I still light for loving

I have no words to express the hard experiences

The downs, the ups or the epiphanies

All I know is holding up high levels of faith

Showed me glimmers of empty

This I don’t expect to be remembered

Yet, If someone is there…

Tell a story of Life and Death without remorse

Cross the bridges, for the smiles of the innocent

There are no beggars around

When all is one

When all is dust in the wind

Ashes that fake only their escape, to unstable emotions

Thats why I’m forgotten

Left to be and to die

Some day I’ll meet 1000 friends, sleeping comfortable as one that night

Some day I won’t be forgotten, Like Hero’s or Legends

That for our well being gave what made them feel alive

It’s easy when you have that which you seek

What was his name?

I only remember the way his hair flowed with the breeze

How he smiled at a glance

How he said nothing , When someone was pouring lights into his hands

I just remember he never said too much

I just remembered he cried with me that night

So quick to ignite a fire and not run

I guess his 1000 friends will hold him close to their heart

I guess it was never of him to be part of that lonely cross