You were to young to understand.. How deep a song is in a man.. How I’m so different from them all.. Even though we are all particles of sand.. Conquered my senses through enchantments you did.  I was not a present, only an iceberg and it’s tip.  I will not be sorry for my leave. Let alone die in my heart for what you believe.  I’m a soul, i’m the pleasure, i’m the mist between the trees.

To say truth, I miss you too.  The colors that lit up down this iceberg, were meant for you..

Tree house

We need more trees

Trees, a warm heaven to grow

Colorful to the root, psy lights glow

Squirrels and birds

men,women and human rows

Levels open, while borders transform

I’ll rest at heavens tree house

the sky i’ll kiss, with no regret

As fights close and angels become spiritual