Healthy body

Are you interested in having a health body?  It’s simple, fruits and vegetables are a must.  They give the earths natural water and hydration.  This is the priority.  Meats always constrict and harden your inner.

Meats have different effects, based on their muscle fibers.  How you prepare them and cook them, have an effect in your output and process.

Don’t mix meats during the 24 hour clock.  They will mix in you and harden.  

So, stick to fruits and vegetables. Choose a meat menu for the clock and don’t forget…  

You will not die of fastening.. but you could loose a good mobility and function without the necessary hydration.

Go back to the bone! and be wolf sometimes.  It prooves useful..



I don’t need so much attention

Loss prevention

As if I were weak and needed help

From my own thoughts

Why would you try to heal me and place me in detention

Im very aware of the back of my head

I will not safe guard these altered thoughts

Wonder, travel so you’ll feel free again

Stop smack talking to my fucking personal space

About my own actions and mistakes

I don’t need you all as earrings

Im one I’ll say again…

How is it you add me to your crew?

Theres personal space even in the mind

I wont let you change what I experiment of my own space and time

Thinking that you leaving, so dark and blue

I know wit, so malice the fuck away…

Soy uno..

Me canse de amigos intrusos 

Que me dejaron inconcluso

Ignorando su pasado

Ahora mi soledad entre colores neones luzco    

Y andan como si, el pasado hubiera sido borrado

Mis sicatrices son mi brillo, no las he cambiado ni de otro aceptado

Entre chamaleones que han dejado

Su propio yo en el abismo he escapado 

No soy el safacon a su comodida

Que me tiene mierda maquinando

Soy uno y ya

Me separe en mis aventuras de un espiritu egoistico

Que ni el viento sentiria en vuelo natural

O mecanico

Escuche tu voz, sono atroz

Lo que dijiste de mi madre no vale por dos

Te sientas en un trono siendo para otros portavoz

Ya no hay amor.. solo limon y sal