The day you fell into my arms

My soul cried for your dreams

Dreams of flying free

Through the breeze.. onto the sea

This was the first time in life I held you close

Around the cold

Mischief maybe, some unknowns

Love arouse

I love you my soft feathered friend

I’ll put a star on this day and never forget your name

Virtue fell from the sky onto my hands

I felt miracles, love..

yet mourned my soul, for him that day

Virtue thanks for showing me up close

Your soft and colorful feathers

Memories made, will be for the ones who remember

Yellow grey and white

His colors shined bright

My friend virtue flew so high


You are beautiful I give you life

I give you a friend, a brother

I write you a letter

Now you live…

Meaning you never died..

In my heart, in this spirit, this soul

That signs for you

My friend virtue




I’m free

Living through the breeze..

Not relying on feelings, just my Djin..

A spirit colored blue in the mist

Let’s walk to the woods and see him

Elevating fairies with cosmic dust

Healing my lust

My desires turned to dust!

Ached as bones , as like when love knocks

Love away!

My mother with magic called

Dressed as the moon

Dressed as death to soon

My faith won’t stop

I listen to a fairy

I’m mist through rocks

Divided in feeling an emotion

Only relying on my spirit

A color

A Djin

Living from me

Smiling through the breeze

This is an open field to walk and in the woods write

I’m free


Follow me through the abyss

I will not let them steal your light

Thus, light is even in darkness as one

Come, theres silence through the cracks

We will see how flowers grow

Even though there’s only sand


I will not let them steal your light

I’m your friend till tomorrow

Let this day be eternal in no time…

No sorrow, no hours

Dancing with wolves around a bumfire

Sleeping a goodnight

Around tree bark and little lights, that fly naturally with sparkle

I’m your friend till tomorrow

A day that only comes from light

A night that for some means heaven

This moment has already begun!


Let this piece of life meet death with love and if needed might

Thanks for the glimmer that gave me the courage

To leave, to fly

I’m a man, thanks to my mother

Now hold my hand

 From this abyss we shall levitate until the stars meet our hands

Until your smile conquers my sad…

I’m abandoned by some

Betrayed for paper, betrayed for blurred rock

I lived as a beggar

A man that only felt the need to love

Mother!..  Thanks

Now come

I will not let them steal your light

Through the abyss

Through hell

Even in heaven i’ll hold on

To not forget..

The bad in the good


The good in the bad

Thank you mother for the crystals  which shinned that night…


There are no riddles to my existance

 No words, no thoughts to explain this

Alone, being one I found a road

This road teached me a song

As if war made a storm  on my field of vision

Where are my feathers? If I had any…

Was I meant to be obscene or just a monkey

Called me names, called me agony

Now there no walls, no regret as water to from the sky fall

Im alive and free, not acting to experience it all

I’ll walk the mile, protect my wings from coriddors to clouds

Kiss me goodnight miss mother of all

For I will rest under your chest with a star



There is no better place to be

Than between your rock of wonder

Stars help your eyes be clear

Down roads of sandy nights

Don’t come so quickly into death

Crystals bash while this boat drifts away

Extend me your hand maiden in distress

I’ll deliver you to my own bed

Which will be yours ti’ll you decided to fake sex

This is but a creature, these poems of mystery

Yu he said when the ruins came down

The lights, the torches, red tainted gowns

Look she screamed, The lengths of her hair dripped rip it seems

Rocks given form at any moment

Empty of life and fully feeling death

Lestat roamed nights tainted black and lived

There is more to just living, there’s fear and nothing to expect

Tingles to my senses screaming

Must be, your little stars connecting us as seamless, as one

Must be, seeing a moon under your essence of a spell, not lust

To you tainted rose, from hell

To this treasure,  when shall we at the woods dwell?



Poems in the sea

The sky held me

My eyes turned blue from the reflection of it’s glow

I’m awaed

I never felt so happy to be, free in a roam

Lost from the hurt you taught me love

Now I see

I’ll deposit my sense of loss in these lines

Verses that will seal lips

Meditating  under the water you let me in

You made the boom, you saw me leave

Thanks to him

I’m still here

Being more than just a rock, a feather flying without fear

Breathing scars accepted at war

Sorrow met at consequence

While opened chances flow from yhe persistance

Of not forgeting whats happended in the past

Myself I know, I’m an old soul

Being rushed onto younger eyes

Disguised as progress, please don’t hurt me so

Judge a person by his face, this ongoing disgrace of a pace

The spirit in these bones are older than just lust or decay

I’ll die you say

If I’m not your slave, you won’t stay

Purpose doesn’t shame me on the way

Now I see it in the night sky

Dreams of simple moments, to remember

When you remember!

Please… Look for another and take what you wanted from me

A loner in my guts sleeps

Understanding a soul is hard to bear

Feel or die?

Every second can count as death or life

Listen there are spiritual guides

Among the flowers, blooming from a trees inner light

Through my cracks, these open trenches of war

Gold from heaven slides without delay

Through the bliss of an open field, to heal the soar

Heaven is here, hell is near

Protect your wings don’t fear

Forgiveness… To only ignorance

Dreamers of a sky view

To the stars of our home…

Fellow friend

I loved her like there was nothing else to love

Held her wounds when at her last drops

Water came down from the sky, saying hi to our ruins

Even though I loved till tomorrow

Not again will I go back to, from loving, feeling for her sorrow

I’m punished, yet blessed

I’ll leave this written on paper, while I go back to my light

I’m Rila the Tona, the forest, an unknown rock

I loved her till tomorrow

Now there’s no cradle to rock

Birds chirp on a church, on it’s top

Stretching their wings for faith, For miracles with cosmic dust

Ride with me he says, I’ll take you away

We together far away will stay

At our own small brooke with dim lights

Around brothers, spiritual guides

Sleeping, resting our sight

Awake him Oh love, my fellow bird chanted that night

While my hurts, fears, swimmed down rivers

Hold on to the dark side she said, my fellow bird caressed my eyes

Out of the grime

Onto the trees with lime

I didn’t hear from her again

My heart didn’t race from beginning to end…

Write away I must, from this Tona with no rust

Shine, but in our forest stay

I couldn’t say no to this magical love

My hands were rough, mind broken, heart scarred

I yearned to be aside my fellow birds, that my tears loved…

Being a jester for some, I understood they knew

The water flowing through the cracks of this picked rock…

So much in my mind

So simple of a feeling

Some day my hurt, will be for me bleeding

Till then my fellow bird, I know you’ll be

On top of the church, on top of it’s ceiling



As the train stopped I got in and observed

Persons mildly entertained to a verse

An angel responded to my words

Saying hello your friend is home

Walking down the street I felt a world to roam

It was you who saved my pieces from being blown

In the color of the night we took pictures at forever’s prose

That eternal kiss gave me interest to whether

Hold on to the past or expect from it a letter, sealed with oil

I’m walking, singing with my crystal flowing

Feeling freedom of choice in the mist of nature knowing

I won’t be the knight of lust

Just a pawn eating from anothers dust

Blessings are in the heaven, we today with buildings wield

Caress you goodnight with love

It’s a melody to both worlds

Roads have their gold, their rivers, their friends in the storm

Yet pleasures are found in being free from it all

Green crystals surround our imagination

The soul is part of a single fountain that delivers

Relationships, moments, to the sound decibels

From death, from life an ironic gesture