There’s so much to say in so little.  I find myself unleashing letters to unveil my own wisdom.  Fragile as I can be.. I stand up from wretches and lust.  From half assed relationships that don’t help my thoughts. I  saw it all from these orange amber eyes.  How desperate could people be to make it in life.  To be accepted even by the tenacious side.

Unfaithful so many break to being used.  Expecting only sticks and stones.  Selling there love and body just for luxury with a mouthful.  To bidders that archive respect until the rag cleans no more. I  feel special because I treasure. Being a gentleman, as for the negative it’s rival in ascension.  There must’ve been something shiny.  To betray a sincere and giving person.

I will not forget how you snakes hissed.  Putting stones to my lips.  So much to do.. So much to live.  Prefering to glow in the dark by nuclear waste, doesn’t make you have better taste or a position for your name to race.

Families tearing my humility down.  Sounding sirens of empires and old gowns.  I  despise the effect you gave me.  Though these medallions from heaven today bless me.

This gentle need of slamming some poetry or prose.  Inspires me to launch it in paper, to just unleash what’s been kept at a funeral.  So much voices and racing thoughts.  Images of good times like memories as a video.  Piercing my mind and emotions like butter clashing against my spiritual.

You won’t use my string of life, less let you think I owe you light.  Trust is love, love is not blind.  Remember is all a gamble, you won’t only live you’ll die.

All is able in love and war.  Thanks for treating me like scrap now your deep end I know.



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