Black envelopes of disgrace with death as a friend

Preach a priest in a church bed

Come! Let it out find a friend

You have an ear to say what hurts

What your flight stalls don’t pretend

Power and silence this mystic

Like a cave of wonders transparent not egoistic

Throught his door of light I found more than treasure

This dragon now feels light and not only pleasure

Is this the leaves?

The sky?

The pixies?

If rainbows where so small as Alice’s door

Will you ride the wave and protect whats little between all?

Dreaming in wonderland pierced my skies to a different color

Summoning with a light heart the flames of reckoning

Now imagination is not bothered

Rainbow layers manifested as a prayer

A new method… A new, a better

A more sincere cloud to rest my fears

Rain caressing my skin while cleansing my tears

If this where just a dream

Till the blood calms my wondering instinct of a movie reel

Strong in hand rescue you I will

From despair…

From ethereal glare…

Kiss me when you see me down

Lift you up with a touch not a cut

This black hurts as thin papers to my skin… As rust

Remember my whispers to your souls glass cup

I’m a castle

I’m a creator

An angel of Love…



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