From clarity I’ll speak today

So in night.. the moon in me will stay

Around the globe you’ll find me

In drops of rain

Making moist your eyes, your face

It’s Ecstasy climbing waiting to be found

There’s a storm resting eyes

In the mist of winds

Spreading love through them

I feel with you I can fly

These are the times… These I will enjoy…

Memories to remember!

Even though I’m alone, homeless

I feel in Summer a beautiful November

Excited as I can be… I’ll run to my tree

And say hi to a girl

That loves my eyes when most I bleed…

I’m free

I’m a beast with a different language

Falling on a bed of flowers

While time means nothing


Thank you for showing how life begins

It’s been hell between so much to think

Please take care of my love…

Please let souls glide through the clouds…

Help us reach new heights

To always treasure  the beautiful home

We see from above




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