Fellow friend

I loved her like there was nothing else to love

Held her wounds when at her last drops

Water came down from the sky, saying hi to our ruins

Even though I loved till tomorrow

Not again will I go back to, from loving, feeling for her sorrow

I’m punished, yet blessed

I’ll leave this written on paper, while I go back to my light

I’m Rila the Tona, the forest, an unknown rock

I loved her till tomorrow

Now there’s no cradle to rock

Birds chirp on a church, on it’s top

Stretching their wings for faith, For miracles with cosmic dust

Ride with me he says, I’ll take you away

We together far away will stay

At our own small brooke with dim lights

Around brothers, spiritual guides

Sleeping, resting our sight

Awake him Oh love, my fellow bird chanted that night

While my hurts, fears, swimmed down rivers

Hold on to the dark side she said, my fellow bird caressed my eyes

Out of the grime

Onto the trees with lime

I didn’t hear from her again

My heart didn’t race from beginning to end…

Write away I must, from this Tona with no rust

Shine, but in our forest stay

I couldn’t say no to this magical love

My hands were rough, mind broken, heart scarred

I yearned to be aside my fellow birds, that my tears loved…

Being a jester for some, I understood they knew

The water flowing through the cracks of this picked rock…

So much in my mind

So simple of a feeling

Some day my hurt, will be for me bleeding

Till then my fellow bird, I know you’ll be

On top of the church, on top of it’s ceiling




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