Live is to accept

Flowers and their colors as equal..

As scented crossroads

Born to see willing creatures

Sit down here at earths bottom

There’s no preachers

No manipulation or teachers

This new template of a natural fate

Comes each year from winter to fall

Distance greets you

It’s true to feel yet

Blind bats flow

Like wisdom without fear

Writing for this place

Calms words in my ears

Help! One calls when stumbled in tears

There’s more to purpose than being real

Now they get close in order to show off

And in between toast to a sinking boat

I see them from afar

The rif raff has gone far

So much complication to just let me go

Am I pretty? or Just a weight of gold?

Value is found on the way home

With love in your soul

The rif raff has gone far she said

Yet, a ruby he expressed not in distress

Flowing like water

He took down the evil jest

Supposed absolute test

So you big? Let’s keep quite the rest

Silence brings what words detest

Driven they rake their wings

Gimmicks of a hateful protest

Come at me they scream!

While the ignorant they best

For ever yours until death

Red stars I saw

Morphing to ashes and zest

Let me live…  Let me die

For I shall peace find




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