I met the moon while losing you.  Planning, feeling my escape my eyes turned round and grey.  There was nothing else in my mind that day.  Only a home I can’t pronounce.

She smiled at me and said these words.  Go!  Be courageous, your life which is mine with light will glow.  In the escape there was sorrow, faith and the expected snow.  Cold of just a distant memory, yet the adventure I yearned to know.

Death at my door called.  Whispering to myself I love you so.  I’ll lead you to the end of this human door.  Wanderer of emotions with crystal intentions.  So many want your gold, stay strong I’ll sing a song from the moons awe.

Fly to a distant sky.  There is no reach of metal feathers that preach, in these light blue eyes.  Grasp you they will not between friends or love.  Tweak themselves away, while you see consciousness sprouting out of faith and not luck.

Cause and effect, you pushed too much. What’s not of me, will like rain flow down the neck of a duck.  With respect I say no to your humble request.  If there’s not a present for my peace, the heart. My sweat towards my purpose I’ll drop.

Tempt me not!

I am a man!

Not a Muppet with a coin can, expecting to live life at a glance.  You like me so…  Dream of using my feathers I see you not…  Little as I can be I’m proud of my love and effort.  Moon I’ll wait for you while the heart ventures.  Stars shine for us.  Thus, having no remedy to this cross.  No rocks to lean on.. No love.  Healing, yet bleeding a wretch from this rough.

Moon please help my strength be from the heart up.  I cry every night by loss of love.  Where my space feels crowded.  My stone comes from sand to a diamond in the rough.  I will not change colors of a rainbow just for attention or half minded thoughts.  You bebe are responsible for this heartbreak, from which I hurt.  This is a scar, now whose gonna help me heal and fix my boat?

There is no sorry…

There is no forgiveness…

There is no age…

There is no mystics…

No money or power to level my self value.  I’m real, I’m here, yet, existence is relative to your own values.

Live or die…

Life or death…

Chance or luck…

Miracles or fate…



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