Poems in the sea

The sky held me

My eyes turned blue from the reflection of it’s glow

I’m awaed

I never felt so happy to be, free in a roam

Lost from the hurt you taught me love

Now I see

I’ll deposit my sense of loss in these lines

Verses that will seal lips

Meditating  under the water you let me in

You made the boom, you saw me leave

Thanks to him

I’m still here

Being more than just a rock, a feather flying without fear

Breathing scars accepted at war

Sorrow met at consequence

While opened chances flow from yhe persistance

Of not forgeting whats happended in the past

Myself I know, I’m an old soul

Being rushed onto younger eyes

Disguised as progress, please don’t hurt me so

Judge a person by his face, this ongoing disgrace of a pace

The spirit in these bones are older than just lust or decay

I’ll die you say

If I’m not your slave, you won’t stay

Purpose doesn’t shame me on the way

Now I see it in the night sky

Dreams of simple moments, to remember

When you remember!

Please… Look for another and take what you wanted from me

A loner in my guts sleeps

Understanding a soul is hard to bear

Feel or die?

Every second can count as death or life

Listen there are spiritual guides

Among the flowers, blooming from a trees inner light

Through my cracks, these open trenches of war

Gold from heaven slides without delay

Through the bliss of an open field, to heal the soar

Heaven is here, hell is near

Protect your wings don’t fear

Forgiveness… To only ignorance

Dreamers of a sky view

To the stars of our home…



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