As the train stopped I got in and observed

Persons mildly entertained to a verse

An angel responded to my words

Saying hello your friend is home

Walking down the street I felt a world to roam

It was you who saved my pieces from being blown

In the color of the night we took pictures at forever’s prose

That eternal kiss gave me interest to whether

Hold on to the past or expect from it a letter, sealed with oil

I’m walking, singing with my crystal flowing

Feeling freedom of choice in the mist of nature knowing

I won’t be the knight of lust

Just a pawn eating from anothers dust

Blessings are in the heaven, we today with buildings wield

Caress you goodnight with love

It’s a melody to both worlds

Roads have their gold, their rivers, their friends in the storm

Yet pleasures are found in being free from it all

Green crystals surround our imagination

The soul is part of a single fountain that delivers

Relationships, moments, to the sound decibels

From death, from life an ironic gesture



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