There is no better place to be

Than between your rock of wonder

Stars help your eyes be clear

Down roads of sandy nights

Don’t come so quickly into death

Crystals bash while this boat drifts away

Extend me your hand maiden in distress

I’ll deliver you to my own bed

Which will be yours ti’ll you decided to fake sex

This is but a creature, these poems of mystery

Yu he said when the ruins came down

The lights, the torches, red tainted gowns

Look she screamed, The lengths of her hair dripped rip it seems

Rocks given form at any moment

Empty of life and fully feeling death

Lestat roamed nights tainted black and lived

There is more to just living, there’s fear and nothing to expect

Tingles to my senses screaming

Must be, your little stars connecting us as seamless, as one

Must be, seeing a moon under your essence of a spell, not lust

To you tainted rose, from hell

To this treasure,  when shall we at the woods dwell?





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