The day you fell into my arms

My soul cried for your dreams

Dreams of flying free

Through the breeze.. onto the sea

This was the first time in life I held you close

Around the cold

Mischief maybe, some unknowns

Love arouse

I love you my soft feathered friend

I’ll put a star on this day and never forget your name

Virtue fell from the sky onto my hands

I felt miracles, love..

yet mourned my soul, for him that day

Virtue thanks for showing me up close

Your soft and colorful feathers

Memories made, will be for the ones who remember

Yellow grey and white

His colors shined bright

My friend virtue flew so high


You are beautiful I give you life

I give you a friend, a brother

I write you a letter

Now you live…

Meaning you never died..

In my heart, in this spirit, this soul

That signs for you

My friend virtue




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