Whats is our real strength?

Between troubles and reactions..

Conversations and interactions…

Maybe, even the disturbing idea of rounding to someones intentions..

Justifying truth, while to a voice not reacting

This is strength today…

Holding the tongue, avoiding reactions to certain conversations

Limiting the void of sparks and flowing with the peace, holding our own makes..

We make peace happen, we find it..

This is strength today, making peace..

Through out our conversations and interactions..

The justification of our personal voice..

Im here, but, I don’t need to overwhelm you in the meanwhile..

And in the meanwhile, you space out..

Fleeing from a blessing or solution..

From this strength and conciousness..

From a better understanding of the in and out of ones-self..

Where are you? If not here..

Bless yourself to a non reacting conversation and see peace happen, with your own eyes..

Being in selflessness through it, being there..

What is real strenght? If not holding the tongue…


MR.BLACK & WAO – Funk Yourself (Hardwell On Air 253)

J-Trick – Switch (Noise Night Remix)

Charles B & VCTRY – Universal Funk [Radio Edit]

Blackout (Washington D.C.)

Touring! Rave tonight at the DC Eagle at Washington, D.C. 

See us live through Facebook at 11pm.. Undead Bass Records, Zombë


Tonight I’m sharing four events:


Poems in the Sea (book)

As mentioned guys, I finally compiled every poetry I’ve made onto one book. It wasn’t a bad idea to do individual volumes to it, but, I felt it was more simple to just make one book. Poems in the Sea, it’s about my adventures through out life.

Thanks for the support