Seídeán – Leak 


Dance With The Dead – The Shape


You were to young to understand.. How deep a song is in a man.. How I’m so different from them all.. Even though we are all particles of sand.. Conquered my senses through enchantments you did.  I was not a present, only an iceberg and it’s tip.  I will not be sorry for my leave. Let alone die in my heart for what you believe.  I’m a soul, i’m the pleasure, i’m the mist between the trees.

To say truth, I miss you too.  The colors that lit up down this iceberg, were meant for you..

Free photo NYC

Walking down 14st Manhattan, I found this gentleman taking pictures.  He had a Free photo sign next to his gear.  After a few minutes of shoot and 1 day of wait time, I receive this from him.  Pretty cool snap..

Check him out at 

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