MR.BLACK & WAO – Funk Yourself (Hardwell On Air 253)


J-Trick – Switch (Noise Night Remix)

Charles B & VCTRY – Universal Funk [Radio Edit]

Tree house

We need more trees

Trees, a warm heaven to grow

Colorful to the root, psy lights glow

Squirrels and birds

men,women and human rows

Levels open, while borders transform

I’ll rest at heavens tree house

the sky i’ll kiss, with no regret

As fights close and angels become spiritual


Sup people Seídeán here.  Every Wednesday I’m walking to the Nuyoricans Cafe down at 3 St and reading one of my poetry’s.  This place is cool for this, lots of love and freedom of speech.  The last one I wrote and read was Djin.  This day I was really into it and gave them a piece of my mind.  You can find it in the Poetry section of the website or if you follow you should have gotten it through your email or social network links.

I’m planning on visiting other poetry sites in Manhattan or close boroughs to inspire and share my thoughts.  I’ll keep you posted on the dates and times of these moments.




Follow me through the abyss

I will not let them steal your light

Thus, light is even in darkness as one

Come, theres silence through the cracks

We will see how flowers grow

Even though there’s only sand


I will not let them steal your light

I’m your friend till tomorrow

Let this day be eternal in no time…

No sorrow, no hours

Dancing with wolves around a bumfire

Sleeping a goodnight

Around tree bark and little lights, that fly naturally with sparkle

I’m your friend till tomorrow

A day that only comes from light

A night that for some means heaven

This moment has already begun!


Let this piece of life meet death with love and if needed might

Thanks for the glimmer that gave me the courage

To leave, to fly

I’m a man, thanks to my mother

Now hold my hand

From this abyss we shall levitate until the stars meet our hands

Until your smile conquers my sad…

I’m abandoned by some

Betrayed for paper, betrayed for blurred rock

I lived as a beggar

A man that only felt the need to love

Now come

I will not let them steal your light

Through the abyss

Through hell

Even in heaven i’ll hold on

To not forget..

The bad in the good


The good in the bad