When help is needed

When do we really need help? Help is something that has many meanings and is part of a common virtue. This virtue is empathy and love. Recognizing that, only a few can acknowledge and do.

We all need help, but, is commonly in different aspects in life. So, how do we start? When does it start? Only some will feel this as real.. This giving of opportunity, as, if they could at that moment do it. Not the pushy help, that takes part in hipocrite ways.

Me, personally can’t give that much help if always alone or in need of it. It would be wrong of me to be a giver. I can only give, when I have something to give. Right now, im one and only one. No friends, no close brothers or father to son relationship and I feel the need of help.

I would want to love too.. loving someone, loving even love. I haven’t experienced this and feel lonely. So, from my perspective, love could be a friend or girl-friend. Maybe, even money to be freed from debt and stress.

Its like any opportunity. You’ll part from a common denominator. Love and empathy. I dream of this you know. Loneliness could really take part of the bliss of being alive.

So, when do we really need help? Or from who? Me personally, like the idea of opportunity and love. Something real…



Whats is our real strength?

Between troubles and reactions..

Conversations and interactions…

Maybe, even the disturbing idea of rounding to someones intentions..

Justifying truth, while to a voice not reacting

This is strength today…

Holding the tongue, avoiding reactions to certain conversations

Limiting the void of sparks and flowing with the peace, holding our own makes..

We make peace happen, we find it..

This is strength today, making peace..

Through out our conversations and interactions..

The justification of our personal voice..

Im here, but, I don’t need to overwhelm you in the meanwhile..

And in the meanwhile, you space out..

Fleeing from a blessing or solution..

From this strength and conciousness..

From a better understanding of the in and out of ones-self..

Where are you? If not here..

Bless yourself to a non reacting conversation and see peace happen, with your own eyes..

Being in selflessness through it, being there..

What is real strenght? If not holding the tongue…


Vivo hoy a medias. Todo se esfumo encontre mi separacion de esta ignorancia tan cercana. Ya cumpli con conocer exactamente que es el problema y/o las causas. Nesecito encontrarme contigo en algun momento. Fuera de todo he podido percivir el porque no tener miedo, ante esto.

Soy agradecido, ahora solo constan las horas a este momento nuestro ser. El tiempo no fue en vano.

Te espero y sin ningun tipo de ajoro u problema, por favor contactame.


Michael E. Candelas Jorge

A ti

Para ti..

Un verso en comprension

Aprendi, que no todo es lo que uno cree

Mas, debe uno darse espacio para adquirir una contestacion

No falle en amar

No falle en tus cabellos cuidar

La bruma me confundio y nos robo el lugar

El escondite de otros escapar

Si lees esto, no olvides que fueron ellos y no yo

Si te acuerdas de la pared que puse

Se cayo…

Se feliz…

Ya el mal vi

y como el zorro lo marque y me fui

A ti..

Poems in the Sea (book)

As mentioned guys, I finally compiled every poetry I’ve made onto one book.  It wasn’t a bad idea to do individual volumes to it, but, I felt it was more simple to just make one book.  Poems in the Sea, it’s about my adventures through out life.

You can find it under these links…

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Thanks for the support


Here I lie forgotten, deep in the abyss of memories

Sorrow fills my corners, my senses

After a while he lets me know he loves me

Like a fallen star I still light for loving

I have no words to express the hard experiences

The downs, the ups or the epiphanies

All I know is holding up high levels of faith

Showed me glimmers of empty

This I don’t expect to be remembered

Yet, If someone is there…

Tell a story of Life and Death without remorse

Cross the bridges, for the smiles of the innocent

There are no beggars around

When all is one

When all is dust in the wind

Ashes that fake only their escape, to unstable emotions

Thats why I’m forgotten

Left to be and to die

Some day I’ll meet 1000 friends, sleeping comfortable as one that night

Some day I won’t be forgotten, Like Hero’s or Legends

That for our well being gave what made them feel alive

It’s easy when you have that which you seek

What was his name?

I only remember the way his hair flowed with the breeze

How he smiled at a glance

How he said nothing , When someone was pouring lights into his hands

I just remember he never said too much

I just remembered he cried with me that night

So quick to ignite a fire and not run

I guess his 1000 friends will hold him close to their heart

I guess it was never of him to be part of that lonely cross







What makes be you?  Is there something specific about you that holds your spirit.  Family, friends, experiences or just a memory.  Say it…  Is there something that frees your mind from yourself… or even added weight. There so much to say about who we are, yet we forget the little details that made us who we are.  Is your past , is your future and mostly what you do in your present what makes you…you.

I feel inspired in remembering what gave me the scars I bear.  The spaces that are filled when I try to forget.  Is there anything I’m forgetting?  Sometimes I ask myself what am I leaving behind that makes a hole in myself.  As hard as it is living.. these scars is what makes you have the strength to keep going and expect what you need.    I have faith in all,  I expect nothing because people have the same confusions and this inner search of who is who.  Who is going to help me if the have there own needs to cover or even there own self to find.

Just like life is hard, death too.  If you have nothing to remember when you leave, you leave as a blank page, forgetting what made you feel and grow.  I’m not gonna say it’s easy, but letting your own story fade just beacause you think the wave is stronger than you. I think thats not really you thinking.

Remember always even though is hard.  Work your way through your own thoughts and mysteries and you will find more than just a car, more than just a blown dream. You will find your own peace and self.  Say fuck the world for once in your life.  Stand up for your own feelings and feel.  If you think this by forgetting will change.  It won’t.. death will always help you remember what you left behind..



Never put your hurt on anyone


What is empathy?  Space given to another, understanding or even love without condescension.  We all have incidents and situations in us.  There is no need to hide it or fake it.  What you could express in sincerity, others hide and use as benefit in this system.  If you have stress, need counseling, have done stuff your not proud off or took as experience.  People will make a fucking drama out of it.

There is no need to hide it, there is no need to conceal what makes you feel bad.  Me I need therapy.  Coming from Puerto Rico, sometimes I have this red psyche that I need to level somehow.  The thing is I learned we only heal when we accept there is more to life than just us, when we accept what there’s to fix.  Opening our hearts with spiritual guides or even cool people along the way, is a common need.  It just happens.

We can’t fully heal by our own will, this will give you a sense of ego in between your emotions.  Are you alone in this world?  No.  You live among 7 billion other people, which share the need of an ear, a shoulder, a rock to lean on, a friend.  So, we need to step it up and not judge.  Letting go of this behemoth is the only thing that can save this race from blowing shit up.  From forgetting, that we all are exposed to the same environment and we can have the need to express ourselves or the need for therapy.  Does that make sense?

In conclusion there are no real problems if we are one and search for our inner peace.  There will be only solutions, strength, promise and most of all scars to laid to rest.





How to start writing about this daily living. So much division over fear or the ignorance of not knowing what’s ahead. I’ve visited two states of the U.S. in which I found myself struggling in a social and class division, that comes out of a sense of protection and little unity. I can’t judge people I’ve come across.  I can’t say they are bad by having the inherited custom of self preservation or the growing ego of loneliness . I can say till now there’s no love to give, there ‘s no love to receive.

Meeting people through this adventure has been special. Yet, people overall have a drive that’s is superficial.  based on their need or hunger.  There is a common denominator in this pattern,  out of loneliness or even just the habit of finding distractions in the common chatter.

  • Laughing without feeling
  • Faking love
  • Disrespecting others space
  • Looking at the world and not seeing

There’s always something new to see in every corner. America needs better relationships and connections between each and every one. There’s stimulus in all of our actions, which make effects on our enviroment. We can mix and develop something greater, if there’s will to do it. In this life or space we live in, there’s always  going to be reactions or retaliation from people, if we approach them the wrong way.

I remember when I had attitude or even a sense of ignorance towards what holds real value. Of course, value is subjected to perspective, yet respect is the base of admiring or even taking into consideration the colors of existence. I come from a place effects run by there own master and this has teached me another side to what society express now days.  I mean, where are the poets, writers, philosophers that still feel intrigued by our anscestors and there beautiful work. All of these valuables are ours and come from nature. Do not let anybody take away this chain of love from you.

After all, we are not robots and have senses. To the point we  have a little light calling to us, from our hearts so we get intouch with it. This little candle is you, is your road to this beautiful skin.

Going back to the 60’s or even 80’s. There was more positive influence, because we didn’t have so many challenges to be accepted or even have a conversation. Now you almost need to pay to have a chat.  Now you aren’t accept period or good enough. If the people would acknowledge their hard work, the daily sweat and most of all their own space. They would actually fight for the same right in the streets, at the beaches, concerts or arcades.

I ask you… What do you think is needed to improve your experience here? In your space..

Division can really hurt us.  It brings forth a inner quest of whose to judge or even whose wrong.  I’m sick of remedies and bandages.  Having to staple my feelings with grime or half assed truths just beacuse of pushers or ignorant people. Based on this, we need to heal not only fucking, using people or even growing in power, but in separation and in a personal reflection of our own space.

I’m gonna act and work with the same sweat towards, a sweeter and more tender touch…