Am I empty? Am I wrong?

What could move a man to move along?

To be sincere Im not a writer

Im just trying to say something for my own behalf

To not have it deep within

To feel better with myself and not depressed or sad

Im not entwined with loneliness

Let alone strangely heartbroken

This that I feel takes me to believe that I can

That I would enjoy seeing a difference

Sometimes I feel like being alone will solve everything

Yet, It doesn’t

I could infer my will is asking for something greater

A distant gust of freedom or

Maybe the distance that proves freedom

What could I need?

To rest on a cloud…



What is a man without his own story?

What is a story without a past?

I feel you like taking the best of who I am…

If you were who you say you are

You would only be jealous of your own past

 If you yearn to change something so much

Don’t forget you to those methods will succumb

I bet you don’t like what is like to have story

I bet is only to your eyes great

That past now buried so deep, you don’t care about memories

What is a man without his own story?

I’ll tell you what he is…

He is the concubine of a woman

The vase of a womans consciousness or deceit

I hate the fact you don’t respect my will

My trials of separation

My way of giving and taking without hurting what is real

My story will be mine until the end you son of a bitch

Why would I pretend for your lame ass

This will be my only jealousy

To protect my own story and remember how it all began

Does this bring an answer?

Or feel imposed to find scars on a path

You are not the voice that ticks within

Can’t you see I’m doing this:

To feel alive

To not follow

To be witty

To have a better tomorrow

This I will not forget again..




You were my portrait

You are my end

To find drops of beauty

Will be my requiem

After the ages of listening to a song

Where are you? My distant singer

My drop of stars

Someday I’ll fly like the wind

Someday you’ll be that resting dream

I heard they know about us

You and me

If you don’t mind, sing

For us to feel what is to be free

Open sky bless again this ever dream

Of finding a friend, of finding rest in sleep

Darken me! holy is to much

Cry alone, until we meet

I’m alive thanks to this

To you my last torn page

My ever ending bliss

What’s family? If not this

Ever patient, ever mist

Would I be a Wolf or a beat or a kid?

A dumb dead man

Or one swinging (dancing) for a kiss

You! Won’t forget

The days we harshly met

The mist along a presence

With the taste of someones death

How did we manage to survive

You and me…

You being so high and me resting as low as I could be

Managing time to regenerate

The scars given from a convulsing fleet

Give me rank, give me sea

So this snap of fingers plays for keeps

Through good and bad

Through love or speed

Through tough or sad

Through stale or wind that’s free

I’m alive and I will be…


Me encuentro en un desorden

Poco normal a mis frecuentes ambitos

Algo quizas paranormal o espiritual

Siento flechas saliendo de mi espalda

Pero, como siento que llegan mas?

Quien fui yo, para tener este color?

Quizas fue el exceso de dolor…

Aun asi, porque me encuentro falto de calor?

Suelto, encontrando en mi corazon

Encerronas a un espiritu nuevo

O un desahogo al dolor

Quien creyo que me marco?

Donde se encuentra aquel hombre,

que ante mi se creyo Dios?

Siento que es mejor no juzgar

A pesar, que siento lastimado mi coraje

Sin tener consuelo o con quien mis lagrimas pueda derramar

Mil traiciones yo pase

Entre personas faltas de un milagro

No creo en religion, por eso pecados

En mi no ven un beso o un regalo

Siempre sere yo

A pesar de que un titiritero

Quiera darme un traje expirado

No niego ahora soy arquero

De un lobo buscando compañia

Soy mejor, ya sali del pozo

Donde fui echado a ser un ladrillo de acero

Ahora no tengo peros, fui hasta mozo

Siento un huracan como hermoso

No hare promesas, asi vivire…


This unwritten love,

Disecting the air above us both,

Write about me when your scared,

That tower of love and health…

Im here!! For only you, Alice,

Im depressed by these nocturnal sounds,

Probably voices of all around, yet,

I dont know,

What do you desire and feel?

Tell me now or stay unwritten,

You that kissed my heart and my hands,


Ever since a kid,

A pair of shoes is all I kept,

Visible to the eyes,

Close to those.. who enjoy…

The glitter, the look,

The colors and how they show,

Out of three I had no one ever knew,

How and when I wore these shoes,

Clumsy at times then ketp it natural,

Now day I only have one,

One pair of shoes


I praise with an open heart

Engel my guardian forever

Only a feather is what you gave

Only a feather ia what I’ll leave

Thus, your memory plus the wind

Gave, your essence in this war and mist

I love you Engel

For the feather, I’ll keep dear

For the feather means love

With you Engel I am and forever will be 



I lost meaning through & through

I lost it all…

Fighting so much for a dream

Struggling to achieve lifes biggest deceit

As a toddler born into a cage with a beast

What meaning holds to race? When your walking around street machines

If I need to keep alive

I must be a peasant or a king

Accepting the heat of each destiny

The remorse of deciding, choosing

While something lies dormant at my feet

Who am I? If to help, love, have fun

I need whatever these children find, to be or not to be

I die in my dreams

I lick the blood of ignorant beings

“I lost meaning” he said..

Alone I’ll drift away..

Seperate, to never be found, to never be loved

What is to have meaning?

To entertain?

To have control over the rain?

To kill a mans church or holy space?

To give or to take?

Tell me what is to have meaning…

Till then..


I’ve seen you around the edges of the street

This obscure,  mist of dark and deep

I’ve seen them call you, as their own name, as family

But, it feels like deceit

A viral disease tested to deep, to ink and paper

A writer fell from dusk and no sleep

Red iris, red lips, black hair

A song from the top to her tips..

Death come at me..

Dressed as a woman loving my sleep

Could I find, someone or a warm body to love?

I’m specially dressed for this

Black, red details to our kiss

Soft Jasmine resting at the beds white sheets

Death come as the wind, as the life in trees

Kiss me or best, please me

Disregard, but, the sound of my voice

I’ve seen them bloody, ignorant to where they’ll go

Labeled greed, to polish a personal goal

Death to you a flower, life to you my sword


I’ve been signing a lonely song

A tempest has grown strong

Unveiling my awareness

Meanwhile I dream of you, senseless

Made stone from glimmers of the truth

How beautiful can it be?

Outside these places forged in my mind

Like a blacksmith i’ll bend it for me, like time

I found a coat in the mist of snow

Whispering ‘to places you’ll go

Outside of labels, outside of torture

Love will grow

Spirit drops in the form of wind

Like water blessing a heart alone

Trust me, if death sees you to the bone

Light, fire and might

I’ll use to pierce and mold heaven tonight

3 meters above my feet i’ll carve

Under the stars, under the beams of sound

A sea of a better past or tomorrow

Drown with me! Until the feathers cry tears

Let this ship be guided by a moon shedding leer

Let it be forever night if the sun is to be feared

Rival, there’s pages to survival

Equity to sound baby pacifiers

There’s no need for mixed intentions

Amongst simple cables, simple routers

Tonight i”ll let a flag turn black and ship me far

Good night, sleep sound