NoTo three

To you holding grudges 

To you who listnes and hears

Keep the boat dear

While the lubelom separates from its fear


 A dragon and his basil

Won’t reach the beach in tears

Crying for more strings of damnation 

To their ears

If tresaure is found under and over

Why fix a sword or a sharp tounge

To sling or do make overs

No more sweet hissing

No tresaures from the clarity missing

You both will walk this line 

Up and about

Crossed and even stuck to doubts

With me

Free me

Now that your smarter

You would’ve enjoyed it at least

Like a candle dripping from the fire

Sweat and tears you dripped

 Higher than a purpose

False but not to the memories

I’ll remember the 5th of november till it bleeds

There are friends in war at least

Like a musketeer all for one

One for all like a beast

This is what i’ll remember of that past dearest sleep

I’m awake to the fire within

Aiming to the culprit of this disease

You’ll bleed…  Not him

For this victim will rest

While we rest on a future without deceit..

Now rest in peace…


And I lead them to you, directly there

Blasphemy I saw In spite of the smell

The smell of lust

Quakes of a broken friendship

A fight turned to dust

More the breaking of gusts

I almost concurred on the same habit of rusted love

She said thats why you hate him

And he acknowledged with a nod

I saw

I felt

I heard your screams while you melted

Your friends pelt

He said thats why you hate him

And he neglected with a no

So we found you buried deep

Under the jeep

Trying to relax while your friend

Down there now sleeps

Distant friend in the mist

Now your free

A ti

Para ti..

Un verso en comprension

Aprendi, que no todo es lo que uno cree

Mas, debe uno darse espacio para adquirir una contestacion

No falle en amar

No falle en tus cabellos cuidar

La bruma me confundio y nos robo el lugar

El escondite de otros escapar

Si lees esto, no olvides que fueron ellos y no yo

Si te acuerdas de la pared que puse

Se cayo…

Se feliz…

Ya el mal vi

y como el zorro lo marque y me fui

A ti..